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Established in 2005, Ultimate Fitness provides a unique brand of classes and sessions at the award-winning Shrewsbury Club. Founded by Simon MacDonald, who has over 15 years’ experience in personal training and group exercise, Ultimate help people build their confidence, get fit and feel healthy!

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Teaming up with Ultimate as their strategic marketing partner, we worked closely with Founder, Simon McDonald, to create an extensive brand identity, a bespoke WordPress website plus the delivery of professional photography services for the Shrewsbury-based fitness company.

A rebrand was initially necessary to modernise the brand and bring together all of the various initiatives and events that sit beneath Ultimate, which includes the infamous Shrewsbury 10k. To bring Ultimate up to speed, it was vital that the new website was highly responsive and easy for users to navigate, no matter their device.

“It was important the new branding and website would not alienate anybody, and that we retained our friendly and approachable feel to inspire everyone – from beginners to fitness fanatics. The team at Reech ensured that each class and event felt conversational and sociable in its tone.

With clear navigation links and fast-loading times, there’s no waiting around – Ultimate’s website is at the front of the race!”

Simon MacDonald, Founder of Ultimate Fitness

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With Ultimate’s ethos in mind, we transformed the brand to reflect the company USPs: experience, class concept and a core focus on wellbeing. Inspired by the concept of a beating heart to represent health and wellbeing, the new logo is clean and relevant to Ultimate’s offering. With the new identity in place, we then developed a number of marketing materials, including branded stationery, race event programmes and social media assets.

The new Ultimate website is contemporary and authentic, yet practical; with just a few clicks, visitors can quickly learn more about each fitness event, book classes, read testimonials and keep up to date with the latest company news. To further enhance the website, we completed a professional photography shoot to showcase the classes and incorporate high-quality lifestyle images on the new website.


Our full-service offering has transformed Ultimate Fitness into a brand that is fit for purpose, and certainly ahead in the race! Using a slick and contemporary colour palette, we were able to elevate Ultimate into a visually strong and empowering brand. Bringing pace and energy with the chosen typeface, Ultimate’s aesthetic is now forward-facing yet caring.

Enhanced with professional photography and clear navigation, the new website is user-friendly and functional – without sacrificing its impressive design.

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