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Founded in 1830, Twose of Tiverton are a renowned manufacturer of agricultural equipment, including hedgecutters, rakes, rollers and flex wing mowers. Twose is part of the Alamo Group, a leader in the design, manufacturing and service of high-quality infrastructure for the global agricultural market.

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Twose came to us with the idea to relaunch the brand to their existing audience, whilst investing in digital marketing to reach a new customer base. They needed a new approach to their brand, with a new tone-of-voice, new website for sales and marketing purposes, and a social media management strategy. Twose wanted to take the brand to the same heights as some of the industry’s biggest names.

“With our Web Design & Development, Photography, Content Creation and Social Media services all coming together, this has been a real team effort from everybody at Reech. We are thrilled with project outcomes.”

Rob Hughes, Managing Director at Reech

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We developed a few concepts which took the existing brand to a bolder, more aggressive level. Using the brand’s existing red, we ramped up the brand palette with black and white accents for a hard-hitting impact. Using the strapline ‘All Ram. No Bull’, we changed the brand’s existing tone of a voice to a message that showcased how the Twose’s product line was the perfect partner for the agricultural market. No-hassle, no-frills, just getting the job done.

We also stripped the brand’s existing social media presence, relaunching their social media platforms with teaser videos, eye-catching artwork tiles and a targeted social media campaign to boost website traffic and sales leads. Working with skilled photographers and videographers, we also completed an on-location shoot to gather a range of dynamic images and footage for use throughout the website and our relaunch plan.


Our work to relaunch the brand has taken Twose to a new-heights with a portfolio of impactful, engaging imagery that rivals their competitors. The new website provides current and prospective dealers and end-users of Twose products with a full portfolio of products, bolstered with punchy headlines.