Montgomery Waters

Brand / Packaging

Montgomery Waters is one of the UK’s largest mineral water producers. They have a range of water brands and also produce water for some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets’ own brands.

Stretton Hills packaging
Stretton Hills packaging design


Montgomery Waters approached us seeking a rebrand for two of their existing water brands. To compete in a saturated marketplace, Montgomery Waters were in need of striking new brand.

“The Montgomery Waters project was a great opportunity for us to develop and showcase the Stretton Hill brand in a busy market. We have meticulously developed and designed their Stretton Hill bottle packaging into a beautiful and signature brand and we’re excited to continue to work with them on other product lines.”

Adam Preece, Head of Design

Reech drink packaging


Whilst The Stretton Hills boasts an impressive heritage (Queen Victoria even gave it her royal seal of approval!), it was time for the brand to be modernised to appeal to the target market of women and families. We brought this up to date with a fun, bright, family-friendly look that stood out on the supermarket shelf. The modern take on a serif type ensured a down-to-earth tone, while the main pattern is indicative of the hills in green and water when in blue. It was also essential to highlight that the bottle is recyclable on the packaging.


Since rebranding, we have continued to work closely with Montgomery Waters on a number of ad-hoc projects, including the rebrand of further product lines and providing photography and print design services. This partnership has helped evolve the brand and cement itself as one of the leading mineral water products on the market today – especially in and around the Shropshire area.