Rebranding a Beloved Charity

Corporate social responsibility is really important to us at Reech, and we’re always open to helping, and supporting, local charities. We were honoured to have the opportunity to tender to rebrand Severn Hospice, a beloved charity, based in Shropshire. The challenge? To modernise a known brand whilst keeping the ethos of the charity in mind.

The Brief

The Idea and Rebrand Approach

As a charity that is always looking to evolve and adapt with the times, Severn Hospice made the decision to extend and enhance their charitable services and buildings throughout Shrewsbury and Telford. In celebration of this new move, the charity decided to tender out a redesign of their logo and brand, to more closely match their new approach. As a local charity close to our hearts, Reech jumped at the chance to tender for this project.

The Aim

Severn Hospice had not changed their logo since 2004 – the year Facebook bounced onto the scene! The charity wanted a new logo that reflected where they had evolved to, with a colour palette and font type that would stand out in a crowd – whichever way the logo was used. This rebrand was truly seen as a major investment. The charity has to raise £2 for every £3 it raises, spending 88p of every £1 directly on its care service.

As the charity’s existing logo was instantly recognisable, the revamped version needed to prominent and help to instil Severn Hospice as one of the first local charities that came to mind when people thought of charities they wanted to support.

The existing logo comprised of an elaborate ‘S’, which was so designed originally to emulate the River Severn and left abstract images within the void of the letter’s curves. We utilised this concept to interlock these shapes to create a single, new shape. Reminiscent of a heart, the new shape represents how Seven Hospice’s services overlap and form one whole. The use of a heart shape also symbolises the unity of care provided by the charity to those in need.

Severn Hospice branding

Creating a Powerful Palette and Strapline

As the charity wanted a logo that conveyed the sense of the charity being more than just a building and more about a service that provides care where it is needed. Severn Hospice is more than a one-place service, providing care within people’s homes, and throughout the area. They are a strong presence within the community.

We created a number of different concepts using different shapes and font types, using a palette that was vibrant, bold and fun. The final, chosen palette is a playful mix of complimentary colours.

The End Result

The final rebrand is vibrant, vivacious and perfectly complements the charity’s new focus. In addition to the new logo and strapline, we also created a range of branded materials, which the charity rolled out over a period of 18 months. This included a rebrand of their social media presence, branded stationary, building signage and internal assets, including lanyards and badges.

Our team are experienced in developing brands for a number of different organisations, in industries including food and drink, housing development and engineering and have the skills and passion to bring any brand to life.

We are proud of our corporate connections and value the support that the community gives to enable our work. These values extend to our working relationships too and Reech Media has become a real friend to our hospice. They have taken the time and trouble to truly understand and appreciate the difference we strive to make for local patients. As well as supporting our work through quality design, advice and expertise on a competitive commercial basis, they are generous and community-minded enough to provide scoping projects free of charge and offer discounted rates for implementation.

Norma Ross, Severn Hospice Director of Income Generation

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