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Are you looking for email marketing services? Online email marketing campaigns are a key element of our clients’ marketing plans and have proven that they can really engage recipients (when done well).

There are many email distribution platforms to choose from, but MailChimp prevails as our favourite. It’s simple, delivers results, and provides insightful reports…what’s not to like!

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Why Mailchimp?

More than 12 million people and businesses use MailChimp to send 1 billion emails every day! The service offers features such as scheduled automated emails, eCommerce features, segmentation tools and advanced analytics – all features and services that Reech manages on behalf of our clients.

Reech manages email marketing using MailChimp for clients all across Shropshire, including Fletcher Homes, HTB Accountants, Sweeney Hall, StartTech, Salop Caravan Sites and Primesave Properties (to name a few)!

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Drive website traffic

MailChimp serves as an important part of our client’s promotional strategies by providing a way to share relevant news and offers to help drive website traffic.

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