Say hello to Ally, our Content Marketing Executive!

Over the last year, demand for engaging, high-quality copy has soared, particularly online. More and more of our clients have realised the importance of content and the fundamental role it plays in an overall marketing strategy. From establishing a brand’s tone of voice to writing optimised news articles and blogs, content continues to prevail as king… cue Ally’s arrival!

As our in-house Content Marketing Executive, Ally will be responsible for all things copy-related, from social posts to well-structured website content (and everything in between!).

With 8 years’ writing experience, from marketing through to technical writing, and a degree in Creative Writing and English, Ally brings an affinity for language and a creative flair. Her passion is getting to know everything about her client’s brands and telling their stories through the power of written words. Creating engaging and effective copy is Ally’s speciality, and she will also be ensuring it is SEO-ready and aligned with a client’s keyword strategy!

Five minutes with Ally

Hello Ally! First off, what attracted you to the role of Content Marketing Executive?

In the days of sparkling social posts, and emphasis on great images (which are super important), we forget just how much we still rely on the written word to tell us who a brand really is and what they stand for. It’s a brand’s identity and the stories that make us want to buy, work with and support them, and I can’t wait to help Reech’s clients really engage with their customers!

What drew you to Reech?

Reech has a fantastic reputation for delivering exceptional service to their clients, many of whom are local businesses, and I really wanted to work with a company that matched my passion for delivering creative solutions and supporting the local community.

Work aside… What’s your favourite TV show?

Grey’s Anatomy!

Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?

New York is my favourite so far; I visited during the festive season in the lead up to Christmas back in 2019. Times Square was magical and I can’t wait to go back and see the bright lights again!

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Over recent months, the demand for writing about research industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content types and proofreading articles has dramatically increased. We are looking forward to seeing Ally flourish with Reech and deliver fantastic content, both on and offline, for our clients!

Suzanne McNicholas, Head of Digital & Content

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