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Our Sidekicks and Accreditations

We are Reech Media. An Approved Google Partner with one mission – to help our clients reach their true potential through our full-service marketing offering. From Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads and WordPress development; we’re dedicated to (and get quite excited about!) learning new technologies and trends that help us – and our clients – stand out from the crowd.

We don’t just talk-the-talk, we make it a priority to invest in our team and the services we offer to our clients. Over the years we’ve nurtured and developed relationships that allows to deliver important services to our clients with real expertise. We only work with trusted and reliable service providers that have the same values as we do. See our trusty sidekicks and some of our proudest achievements.

We're an Approved Google Partner

Reech is an approved Google Partner – a pretty cool accolade if we do say so ourselves! As a Google Partner, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse about all Google has to offer – from SEO to Display Advertising and Video Advertising. We’re also first to know about new trends so our team can keep learning and we can provide the best level of expertise and service to our clients.

Google Partner - Reech Media
Google Analytics Certified - Reech Media

We're Google Analytics Certified

Do you understand how your website performs? Our Digital team get particularly geeky when it comes to Google Analytics! With Advanced Google Analytics knowledge, we’re able to not only provide robust web analytics, but this experience allows us to help you better understand your websites’ user behaviour and advise on SEO strategies, website development and much more.

We're Trained in Google Adwords

If SEO is Batman, then Adwords (now referred to as Google Ads) is its Robin equivalent. Our team is Google Ads certified, which means they have the expertise to get the most from your advertising investments and can develop a strategy that enhances your existing SEO strategy. This knowledge means we can provide truly multi-touch digital campaigns to our clients and as a Google Partner, we’re approved to run campaigns for clients.

Google Ads Certified - Reech Media
Nettl SEO Agency - Reech Media

Welcome to Nettl of Shrewsbury

Did you know – Reech is the only Nettl Partner in Shropshire? As a Nettl agency, not only do we know our onions when it comes to SEO, but we’re also part of the UK’s largest network of print, design and digital agencies. From printing brochures, signage, apparel – you name it – we also have access to world-leading training to keep our team up-to-speed on the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

We're Graduates from the Yoast Academy

Yoast is an important element we include within all of our web builds to ensure our client websites are optimised to the max. But using Yoast effectively is much more than simply having a plugin integrated into your website. Our team have completed critical Yoast Academy training, which is delivered by world-class SEO experts, and complete regular training to stay up to speed with new trends and changes.

Yoast Academy Certified - Reech Media
WooCommerce Agency - Reech Media

We're WordPress & WooCommerce Experts

As an agency, we have over 10 years’ experience in developing bespoke and optimised WordPress and WooCommerce websites for a wide range of clients. Our in-house development team hold a wealth of varied industry knowledge and skills so whether clients need an out-of-the-box solution, or something more unique, we can build the right digital platform for you.

Corporate Members of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Reech is a Corporate Member of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and is the only marketing agency in the county to join the exclusive initiative. This accolade not only provides the agency with a number of benefits, including sponsorship opportunities and access to exclusive training; but it also allows us to better promote our services to other, local businesses who need help with their marketing and advertising. Read more about our partnership here.

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Member - Reech Media

A Proud Member of Shrewsbury Chamber of Commerce

Reech is a proud member of the Shrewsbury Chamber of Commerce, a membership organisation committed to helping businesses in our agency’s hometown. As members, we’re able to attend a number of networking events, gain useful business expertise and promote our in-house services to a variety of local businesses across the Shrewsbury area.

We're a Registered iOS Developer

At Reech we love Apple (just call us the Mac book gang!), so it makes sense for us to be an Apple Approved Developer. This means we are certified to design, develop and manage Apple Apps for clients. Apps are fast becoming a big investment for many businesses – especially those within ecommerce – providing an additional source of revenue and whether you have a firm idea or need some help brainstorming, we can help.

iOS Approved Developer Shropshire | Reech

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